The order for payment process has clear advantages, including low initial cost and high speed.

All you need to do for the court to make such an order is to fulfil the statutory criteria and ensure your suit contains the relevant motion. This process is also chosen because it facilitates obtaining an interim injunction against debtor’s assets, e.g. attachment of his bank accounts.

While the order for payment proceedings are quick and convenient for the claimant (creditor), they may be risky for the defendant (debtor). The order can be made by reference to documents reflecting only the claimant’s point of view. Let us take one of such documents, proof of reciprocal non-monetary performance, as an example to illustrate those risks.

The full text of the article by SENDERO attorney-at-law, Anna Jarecka-Kowal, is available in the online version of Rzeczpospolita, the Dobra Firma weekly, and here.