We want to share a success of our partner: Anna Wieczorek features in this year’s edition of the book 50 Business Personalities. Together with other business and media persons Anna spoke about her path to professional success.


Editor: If you were asked to identify the character traits that have led you to where you are now, what would they be? Resolve? Determination?

Anna Wieczorek: (…) I had no lawyers in my family so when beginning my university studies I had no idea about what the profession is like in the real world. But I did see it as being associated with helping people and having a social standing, and as regards women also with self-sufficiency. Then I consistently achieved the subsequent milestones. So I think it is primarily being hardworking and determined to reach my goals, but also having a positive attitude to people and a courage to deal with challenges on my way.


This is how Anna spoke about her career path in an interview.

The book release had its grand gala ceremony on February 23 in Warsaw. We must say that Anna taking part in such a project is an extraordinary distinction for our entire firm and a great reason to be proud!

All the proceeds from sale of the book go to support the SOS Wioski Dziecięce charity.