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We are Sendero

One of our goals is to ensure the best possible career development opportunities for our personnel. We are a tight-knit and friendly team. We know that workplace culture affects performance and client relationships. A great majority of our professionals have been involved with us for years. See our current job offers.

Our values

Knowledge and experience

this is what we offer to our clients and associates.

Trust and respect

this is what we build with each job.

A good place to work

it is our ambition to provide one for our personnel.

Client safety and assistance in difficult situations

these are our priorities.

End-to-end analysis

we do not recommend any solutions without this.


we are obsessed with the importance of diligence and are not afraid to say that.

Professional conduct and business ethics

are not just empty words for us.


seamless contact with the client and quick support when needed.

We offer

We are an advisory firm. We rely on the competences of our people and our people are our most important asset. Our team is built around the following core values and principles:

Work at Sendero should not only contribute to the position of our firm but also help you develop your competences and professional potential as a member of our team.
We work in a competitive environment where clients have strict requirements as to our professional qualities. Therefore, while we share our knowledge and experience with our staff, we expect them to show professional competence.
Workplace culture
Work is where we spend a large part of our adult life. Accordingly, Sendero strives to create a comfortable workplace for everybody, whatever their seniority or job position.
Work-life balance
Life is not all about work. Sendero is sensitive to its staff's out-of-work obligations and requirements and to the need to maintain a work-life balance.


Stage 1
Please use the application form to send your CV and cover letter.
Stage 2
  1. Following a selection process, we will contact some of the candidates to invite them to a job interview.
  2. This interview, which is a candidate assessment stage, will be attended by selected partners of SENDERO Tax & Legal.
  3. There will be another meeting to test the job-related competences of the candidates.
  4. Candidates short-listed after this recruitment process are invited to the third meeting to negotiate terms of employment.

Open positions

If you have not found a job you've been looking for,

write us and together we will find a solution.

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