We are pleased to let you know that Artgeist, an e-commerce business and our client, is going to lease space in the Quorum project in Wrocław. Our role was to support Artgeist in negotiating the lease terms and ensure that a proper contract is in place. On behalf of Sendero the matter was handled by partner Anna Wieczorek. Congratulations and many thanks for all those involved in the process.

What are the things to take care of when executing a lease? The tenant should get its premises in the agreed condition. It is also advisable to introduce defect removal procedures, list circumstances enabling early withdrawal, quantify the rent and secure its payment, divide maintenance, operating and repair expenses, and set out which services are funded by the operating charge. Naturally, the terms of each contract will be individually negotiated by specific parties, but it is important to use the law to secure your interests. A well-designed lease will give you quiet and possibly hassle-free enjoyment of the property. Anna Wieczorek and Łukasz Lubaszka  are responsible at Sendero for smooth negotiation and execution of commercial leases.