Last Friday the Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone hosted an event opening our education meetings series entitled “A different perspective on occupational safety and health – from Sendero Tax & Legal”.

Our experts, being Rafał KaniaMałgorzata Mroczkowska and Filip Firut, discussed the recent report from State Labour Inspectorate and its major implications for manufacturers and service providers. Our lawyers also spoke on how firms should prepare for labour inspections.

After the presentations came the time for networking, which we believe is the greatest value-add during on-site events. While webinars, which is something we also provide on a regular basis, have huge advantages, there is nothing like face-to-face contact. So we are quick to invite you all to the off-line conference which we have scheduled for June 2023 as a wrap-up of the entire series.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to take part in our webinars as a seamless follow-up on the topics touched upon at the Friday meeting.

A lot of thanks are due to all those who were with us on that important day and to our partner, the Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone, for how splendidly they organised the event!