In the lens | Employer’s use of surveillance cannot infringe upon their employees’ dignity or other personal rights. Surveillance has become a pervasive element of public space. We are passing by thousands of cameras every day, often not aware of the fact we are being recorded. More and more housing estates have surveillance equipment installed to ensure that the people living there feel safe.

CCTV footage which helps find missing persons or catch criminals regularly appears on the television or the Internet. Drivers, too, buy dashcams to capture the road ahead while driving. However, are all of these recordings made and published legally? There is no clear answer to that question. Back in 2013, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration began work on legislation which would regulate video surveillance. The bill was submitted to consultation but was unfortunately withdrawn from the agenda in 2015. Since then, no work on the bill has been resumed.
The full version of the article by Filip Firut, our tax advisor, can be found in Rzeczpospolita online, in the Dobra Firma weekly, and here.