Disputes, Court, and Administrative Proceedings

SENDERO Tax & Legal has more than a dozen years’ experience in civil and administrative litigation support. Our team of experienced counsel and advocates successfully provides professional client representation services at all stages in the life of a dispute, from negotiation or mediation to civil litigation or administrative proceedings before central or local government authorities.
Our services include, for example:
• client preparation and support for negotiations and mediation.
• assistance in settlements;
• business client representation in arbitration procedures;
• conciliation, mediation and settlements;
• client representation in civil matters, including in business-to-business relations;
• client representation in employee litigation;
• creditor representation in insolvency, debt enforcement and restructuring procedures;
• client support in defending against unfair competition;
• client support in enforcement of claims under insurance contracts;
• proceedings before central and local authorities and in administrative courts;
• business client representation in public procurement procedures before National Appeals Board and the public procurement court;
• representing contracting entities or economic operators in disputes involving performance under public contracts, including representation in statutory out-of-court dispute resolution process.

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