Labor Law

Our employment law practice offers different ways to support our clients.
On the one hand, we provide everyday assistance. For example, we offer short ad hoc advice or prepare documents needed to commence or end employment. This kind of support very often involves short consultations over the phone or by email, mainly for HR or general management.
On the other hand, using our extensive labour law experience, we help our clients implement long-term solutions. This involves comprehensive support in such projects as employment or pay rules (handbooks/manuals), rules for company’s social benefit fund, or anti-harassment policies.
We represent employers in disputes with their employees.
We also provide support in preparing trade union relationship strategies. We know how to talk with the unions and how to emphasise employer’s interests.
Among other things, we support our clients in:
• preparing employment-related documents;
• choosing the best employment structures for specific staff;
• issuing legal opinions on employment law;
• developing appropriate relationships with trade unions;
• drafting work rules, pay rules and company social benefits fund rules;
• securing employer’s interests in relation to employee IP;
• employment due diligence investigations;
• labour inspections.

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