Company Transformations and Acquisitions

We provide support in restructurings, mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our experienced experts will walk you through all the steps of each such process. We also advise on choice of strategy to provide the best structure for your transaction business-wise.
We represent clients in business sales and purchases, including trade sales. Our comprehensive M&A support includes:
• transaction planning and scenario analysis;
• drafting and negotiation of preliminary transaction documents, including letters of intent, term sheets and NDAs;
• due diligence investigations,
• drafting and negotiation of investment agreements or the like, support in all implementation phases;
• drafting and negotiation of transaction security packages;
• drafting officially required transaction-related applications and notifications;
• assistance in permitting and consenting processes;
• support in dealing with worker organisations, including trade unions, and with suppliers and customers in relation to actual or contemplated transaction;
• post-transaction support.
We also offer:
• assistance in developing and implementing corporate restructuring scenarios for groups of companies (including organisational reengineering and downsizing);
• support in legal status transformations of businesses (mergers, divisions, conversions, including cross-border transactions) and corporatization of sole proprietorships.

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