Real Estate Transactions and Investment Process

We know from experience that real estate transactions are special. It is not only about their value but also about the specific legal regime to which they are subject. We help our clients go through that process.
We have a dedicated practice area focusing mainly on property development clients. For them, property transactions are daily bread. We ensure such clients are thoroughly supported at each stage of their projects, from purchase to sale, including comprehensive assistance during the construction and development process.
Our services also include helping clients go through administrative or judicial proceedings during their construction projects. In particular, we offer assistance in:
• the permitting process, including in relation to approvals, decisions, environmental clearance, planning permissions etc.;
• legal and administrative actions during the construction phase;
• ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for completion of the construction process.

For clients selling or purchasing properties on rare or single occasions, we offer to share our experience which we have amassed supporting property developers. We will draw up the required documents and engage a surveyor, notary, real estate agent and/or property valuer.
We have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years as we served property development clients. We will be happy to share that expertise.
Our real estate practice can assist you in many ways, especially in:
• real estate due diligence;
• mortgages and other interests in real property;
• encumbering real property as security;
• drafting contracts with property developers;
• leases;
• commercialisation of new projects;
• contract drafting for the construction process, including design contracts and construction contracts;
• planning and siting processes;
• administrative proceedings related to real estate.

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