Tax Training

With effect as of the first tax year beginning after 31 December 2020, taxpayers are required to publish tax strategy reports. Tax strategy is a set of decision-making formulas which define the means and objectives to ensure that tax duties are duly and timely complied with.
The requirement applies to taxpayers whose prior-year gross income exceeded the PLN equivalent of EUR 50 million or who are members of tax groups (regardless of the group’s income). By way of exception, the tax strategy regulations do not apply to taxpayers having co-operative  compliance agreements with the revenue administration.
Taxpayers must publish their tax strategy reports on-line and forward the website address to the tax office on or before the end of the twelfth month after the end of the tax year. Accordingly, for a tax year coinciding with the calendar year, the tax strategy for that year must be filed until 31 December next year.
If a taxpayer fails to give the relevant tax authority a notice of the website with his tax strategy report, he will be subject to a penalty of up to PLN 250,000.

Our support

To meet the expectations of the business community, Sendero offers support in tax strategy compliance. In particular, we can:
• analyse your internal procedures and responsibility descriptions and the rules which guide you in your practical tax compliance,
• issue a document describing your tax strategy and a tax strategy report, as required by law,
• provide advice in connection with tax strategy requirements,
• issue other documents constituting your tax management framework, including tax governance, tax policies for each tax, strategic tax management (with time, such documents should be expected to become increasingly seen as proper and desirable, mainly due to the tax transparency pressures put on large taxpayers).


• We have competences and experience that are unique country-wide – our compliance team are supporting one of the largest tax groups in the construction industry in their efforts to join the Co-Operative Compliance Programme. It is a unique and prestigious platform for the National Revenue Administration to cooperate with the largest taxpayers. Participation in the Co-Operative Compliance Programme requires implementation of an internal tax governance framework, tax strategy being its key component.
• We have a wealth of experience in drafting internal procedures and holding tax reviews.

Also, at your request, we will be pleased to deal with any similar matters related to this area.

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