The mechanism allowing local authorities to purchase new premises on preferential terms may be quite interesting for them, especially for those that are hard pressed to find accommodation for people without their own place to live.


Local authorities to gain access to a stock of new apartments on preferential terms

Work is underway on proposed legislation to change the use designation of some buildings from non-residential to residential. It is expected to reduce the burdens of erecting residential developments on land zoned for shopping or office projects, regardless of what the local master plans might say. Local authorities are among those that can benefit from this solution.

Building permits not needed

According to the proposed law, no building permit or notice will be required to alter office or shopping projects to serve residential purposes. The condition is that the building’s alteration is related to its changed use.


This will apply also to external walls, except for structural parts of key importance for user safety. The latter will still require a building permit before alteration work. The solution will not be available for buildings or areas under heritage protection.


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