We are pleased to announce that Sendero continues to be ranked among the top largest law firms in Lubuskie and Dolny Śląsk provinces. We have been there for years now. On a closer look, we are one of the three biggest law firms in Dolny Śląsk specialising in services for big business. In addition, in the regional section we have been ranked among the top five law firms by size in this part of Poland.

Comparing to last year, we have advanced one notch in the regional section and two notches in the nation-wide section. The ranking is based mainly on the total number of attorneys-at-law and advocates on board.

We are very proud of those achievements. Taking this opportunity, we wish to thank all our clients – you make our achievements possible at all. But gratitude is also due to all our associates. Without you, Sendero would not be the firm it is today. Thank you!