We are pleased to announce that we advised the seller of the office complex at 74 Jagiellońska Street in Warsaw in sales contract negotiations with CD Projekt. The transaction was closed on 31 October 2019. The negotiation team on the part of SENDERO Tax & Legal consisted of legal counsel Anna Wieczorek and legal counsel and partner Łukasz Lubaszka.

Thank you for attending the conferences

A sincere thank you for your participation in the conferences:

  • The third edition of the conference on legal aspects, the title of that edition was “Outsourcing. The absurdities of the GDPR”,
  • The first edition of the tax conference entitled “The tax challenges of 2019/2020”,

which took place on 28 November and 5 December in our offices.

We appreciate your commitment, active participation and such a large number of attendees. We are extremely pleased that we could host guests representing over 40 of the largest companies in the region.  It was a real joy and honour to host so many of you. We would also like to say that your comments and suggestions provide a valuable source of information for us as well as motivating us in our continued efforts.

See you at our next conferences.

Conference: “2019/2020 Tax Challenges”

We are pleased to invite you to a conference we are organising on 5 December (Thursday) this year.

We will discuss the following topics in five panels:

PANEL 1: Withholding tax – the beneficial owner test

This is mandatory for taxpayers to ensure withholding tax compliance under the amended rules. We will tell you what the beneficial owner test is, what it is needed for, and what to focus on when performing the test.

PANEL 2: Transfer pricing documentation under the new rules

Next year, the new rules on transfer pricing and documentation of related party transactions with will become fully applicable for the first time. The second panel will address the most important changes and suggest how to prepare for them.

PANEL 3: Tax schemes – mandatory disclosure from the business perspective

The mandatory disclosure rules (MDR) on reporting tax schemes (arrangements), which have been in force since the beginning of 2019, are complex and imprecise. Any failure to comply may result in a multi-million penalty. During the third panel we will briefly discuss MDR and identify actions to be taken to minimise these risks.

PANEL 4: The most important changes in VAT – benefits and risks for businesses

What is the “white list” of taxable persons for VAT purposes and how to use it? What will change in terms of how international transactions are to be accounted for and how will that affect the day-to-day tax compliance? When will the mandatory split payment apply and what are the consequences of evading the new requirement? We will answer these and many other questions during the fourth panel devoted to changes in VAT.

PANEL 5: Draft amendments to the legislation on the liability of corporate entities. How to reduce the risk of severe penalties?

At this conference we will speak, among other things, about organisational fault (wina organizacyjna) and the fact that it will be easier to penalise an organisation than an individual. We will also explain how entities should respond to reports of irregularities. We will also explain what preventive measures to take to safeguard one’s interests and reduce the risk of severe penalties.

For the details of the event click >>> here.

No admittance fee will be charged.

You are invited to our offices at 6 Muchoborska Street on 5th December (Thursday) .

Please send your RSVP by 29 November to agnieszka.prokop@sendero.pl.

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