Last year we celebrated our 15th anniversary. We used the occasion to join the sponsors of the Bach Festival and combine our jubilee with the festival’s inaugural concert.

That extraordinary experience has prompted us to stay with the Bach Festival for longer. We are happy to continue contributing to the organisation of such a unique and exceptional event.


The Świdnica Bach Festival has for years been accompanied by out-of-town concerts. This year such concerts will be held in such places as Żarów, Niedźwiedzica, Olszyniec, Domanice, Glinno, Piława Górna, Grodziszcze, Krzyżowa, Walim, Sobótka, Łagiewniki, Bagieniec, Lwówek, Lubomierz, Nowa Wieś, Lesica, to bring classical music closer to regional inhabitants, making it possible for them to listen to it performed live where there is no other chance for such performances.

The Dolny Śląsk province is one of the most precious cultural landscapes in Europe. It is an incredible and always surprising “terra incognita”, an exceptionally beautiful region which will attract our increased appreciation, the better we get to know and understand it. By bringing in leading musicians from Poland and across the world, the festival seeks to offer an opportunity to discover the wealth of chamber music in historic, scenic villages and towns of the Dolny Śląsk region. The various works of Bach, Mozart (full set of his quintets), Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, Schoenberg and other great composers will be performed in places that give their interpretations a truly unique and exceptional character. These are medieval, renaissance and baroque churches, castles, palaces and manors, or even train stations, often situated away from the usual tourist routes but certainly worth visiting.

In addition to their exceptional architecture, their natural environment encourages such events as “romantic picnics” or “breakfasts on the grass”, complementing the concerts to form one coherent experience. These events are not designed to be mere add-ins but rather social actions integrating the local communities to act and rest together. A concert becomes a social event, with many people contributing with their own regional or green products, and others just meeting, talking, getting to know each other.

The Świdnica Bach Festival is not just about music; it is primarily an exceptional experience that opens up new perspectives on Dolny Śląsk.

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