There is a chance for effectively defending against having record in a credit bureau. Debt collection against businesses can be quicker and more effective. At the same time, many debtors have tools to prevent being unreasonably reported to credit bureaus (BIG). The recent changes in law make it easier to report such debtors and allow for more records to be made in credit bureau registers. For businesses, this may mean difficulties and reputational losses. It is thus important to know if the new law protects companies against unreasonable or mistaken records. So far there was no effective defence against records containing information that is untrue or doubtful and businesses had to rely on changing case law. The new law offers tools that allow them to actively defend themselves pre-registration and give them a wider range of powers to require data update or removal post-registration. What is more, the law also imposes civil and criminal liability on creditors and BIGs in certain situations. This should make businesses feel more protected against unreasonable or incorrect records. For the full text of the article, see Rzeczpospolita on-line and here.