The first panel called “Outsourcing” will address one of major difficulties for many businesses which is: how to organise work properly when you use outsourcing. We will share our practical insights with conference participants. We will point out what PIP pays special attention to and what to watch out for during an inspection. We will also talk about the related tax aspects and the associated risks.

The topic of the second panel called “The absurdities of the GDPR” will be personal data processing. We all know that it should be designed to serve mankind, as is stated in Recital 4 GDPR. Unfortunately, our observations show that this is not always the case. We will discuss, together with the participants, the most unfortunate cases of the practical application of the GDPR. Another topic for this panel will be sobriety at work. This is a hot issue that has been raised by many experts recently. We will gather opinions on sobriety checks by employers from all the most important authorities. Our views on this will also be expressed. We will try to find the golden mean together, taking into account the interests of both employees and employers.

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