A business must sometimes fight it out at court. If you are a business and are facing a dispute, such as with your supplier, customer or employee, you are well advised to prepare for the battle to increase your success chances or minimize the risk of loss at court. Everyday operations very rarely give us a clue which of the many affairs we are engaged in will end up in court. Therefore, it is worth your while to ensure that any verbal arrangements are confirmed, for example by an email sent to the other party. It is an equally good practice to ensure that reasons for the deal are explained by way of some document, if only an email, for your manager or co-workers. With time, it becomes increasingly difficult to recreate what was verbally agreed and why, especially in the event of staff rotation in the company. It is cliché to say that proper record keeping is an important thing, whether in relation to paper or electronic documents. It is worth the effort because it will often be the cornerstone of your success in litigation.
For the full text of the article by legal counsel Paweł Michalski, SENDERO Tax&Legal’s partner, see Rzeczpospolita on-line, the Dobra Firma Weekly or here.