“Rzeczpospolita: SENDERO Tax & Legal has been in the market for more than 11 years now. That period has seen plenty of changes in Polish law. Can you mention three major changes in law that would be the most relevant for Polish businesses?
Paweł Michalski: I’d say the following are the most important changes in law during the 11 years’ history of our law firm: RODO, transfer pricing and SAF-T (Single Audit File for Tax). These matters have caused the biggest response and problems among our business clients, whether Polish or foreign. Sometimes they had to make serious changes in their business structures to implement the new regulations.”

You may want to read the full interview with SENDERO lawyer Paweł Michalski and SENDERO tax advisor Grzegorz Młynarczyk, which appeared on 22 June in Rzeczpospolita online and the Dobra Firma weekly. The SENDERO partners speak about a number of topics, including what they consider to be the most important changes in law and the areas of law that call for the most urgent amendments.

For the full text, see here.