“Zakazana książka o danych osobowych” (Prohibited book on personal data) is the title of an article by SENDERO’s counsel Rafał Kania which appeared in September’s issue of ABI EKSPERT quarterly. Rafał discusses the history and scope of a study on computer technology in population register vs. personal protection under civil law, authored by Jan Kosik of Wrocław University. Mr Kosik’s work, published in late 1970s, deals with legal aspects of the computerisation and protection of personal information against the background of the Polish population register PESEL. In this way, Mr Kosik may be said to be the author of the first Polish comprehensive study on personal data protection. Sample printouts of Kosik’s study are available on-line from Wrocław University’s Digital Library. The full text of Rafał’s article on Kosik’s personal data study is available on paper as part of ABI EKSPERT publication or here.