1 April marked our 15th anniversary.

We are planning several events for our clients, friends and business partners on this occasion. Even though we are grateful for those last 15 years, we cannot and do not pretend the reality is exactly as it was even two months ago. While we are discussing internally about how to celebrate our anniversary, we are also considering ways to offer sensible long-term support for victims of the was in Ukraine. We are not forgetting to talk about solutions designed to help our clients, either. Due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine many of them are now facing professional or business challenges that have been unknown before.

We are not passive and we do not hesitate to speak up. We offer our expertise to clients, industry press readers and viewers of our webinars. We have also prepared a Q&A tax brief with information about the tax dimension of aid for Ukraine. In addition, you are welcome to read our other publications and statements on this matter.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Sendero clients, friends and associates who have been with us for those years. We would not be here without you!