On 26 October we held yet another on-site conference this year. This time we wanted to share a general overview of the five-year history of GDPR application. The conference was hosted by

Szymon Szurgacz, an attorney-at-law and experienced intellectual property and personal data specialist.

Szymon led the first panel summarising the main data protection issues that have been observed since GDPR became law.

Then the host discussed GDPR-related documentation.

After a break, the floor was taken by Karolina Drapińska, who talked about how to properly handle data, including sensitive data.

As part of the fourth panel, which was addressed to HR departments, we discussed whether salaries would become non-confidential and about who may administer workplace sobriety tests to employees and when. These and other matters were presented by experienced lawyers: Małgorzata Mroczkowska and Filip Firut.

Rafał Kania, attorney-at-law and Sendero partner, shared some observations concerning whistleblowers.

The last section of the conference was devoted to lawful data transfers outside the European Union, with the topic being presented by Szymon Szurgacz.

A big thank-you to the participants for all the nice words. We hope the conference has provided a solid portion of no-nonsense knowledge which you can successfully use at work. But what is crucial for us in all our on-site events is that they offer an opportunity for face-to-face meetings, and this is what we appreciate the most.