Last year was a busy time for us in many respects. We worked having to catch up with continuously changing laws and tax regulations. We shared knowledge wherever possible so that:

✔️we wrote more than 20 texts for industry press,
✔️we held 30 dedicated webinars with the total turnout running into hundreds, including people from businesses associated within the Wałbrzyska and Legnicka Special Economic Zones,
✔️we held the first off-line conference (“What the labour inspectors are most eager to punish you for”) since the pandemic time,

✔️ we published a total of over 40 posts on  #BlogVAT and #BlogdlaSpółek,
✔️we produced our proprietary podcast called #PodcastPodatkowy, and we keep adding new episodes,
✔️we appeared as experts in on-line and on-air programmes.

And, on top of that, we celebrated our anniversary! On our 15th anniversary (#15latSendero) we sponsored a unique event – 23rd Bach Festival. We see importance in the potential of our locality and region. We believe Dolny Śląsk is a place for things worthy of note for us all.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the whole last year was happy and rosy for us …

We devoted a large amount of time to actively helping Ukrainian victims of the Russia–Ukraine war that came as a shock for us, as it did for the rest of civilised Europe.

In December we faced a huge loss due to the death of one of our associates, Michał Wodzicki. We wish to thank all those who supported us through that difficult time. The memory of Michał will always be part of Sendero.

Yet, we are beginning the year 2023 with gratitude and full of positive thinking. We thank all those who wish our organisation well.

Wishing you a lot of healthy and peaceful time!