Giving new hires higher rates just because your company is in urgent need of staff may be considered discrimination against the incumbent employees. This is the conclusion reached by the District Court in Katowice, which awarded compensation to an employee of a manufacturing company for breach of the principle of equal treatment in employment.

Rzeczpospolita daily asked our attorney Filip Firut  for comment. In his view, the case will open a discussion regarding the equalization of rates for long-term employees. – The market is changing rapidly to generate soaring pay rises. This may hurt employees with a long time in the service of the same employer, says Mr Firut. – A market review by the employer does not always translate into a pay rise for existing employees and may sometimes even result in dismissal. The employer may decide that increasing the salaries of poorly performing staff is not worthwhile and it’s better to hire new ones in their place. There will be willing candidates after the pay is raised, he explains.

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