In September, NFOŚ will open a window to receive applications for financial support for electricity and gas bills incurred in 2023. The window will be a short one (14 days).

Importantly, support is now available based on a much wider range of PKD business classification codes. This will make the 2023 support accessible to many firms which were out of the scheme for 2022.

Currently the basic assistance is available for firms with prevailing PKD codes under sections B and C, meaning divisions from 05 to 33.

Main conditions:

– in 2021 electricity and natural gas bills totalled at least 3% of output sold [2021 is the reference year];

– at least 50% of revenue in the last closed financial year, which practically means 2022, was generated from activities classified under sections B or C (divisions 05 to 33);

– the refund applies to electricity and natural gas costs incurred in 2023.

Further details are available in a programme policy adopted by the Government in August 2023 and in application documents that are to be provided soon by NFOŚ.

In addition, some firms with prevailing PKD codes from a dedicated list will be entitled to extended assistance.

Businesses eligible for electricity price cap during the period may only apply for support with respect to gas costs.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our expert, Jacek Wilczewski